Whether it’s a broken handpiece, a leaky sterilizer, or a ripped, unsightly chair, you can rely on the repair technicians at MS Dental Works. When you have a repair need or just need routine maintenance, we are a simple phone call away. With 24/7 answering service, we will schedule and dispatch a technician to provide the service you need.

Amalgam Trap

Make sure you are maintaining, cleaning and replacing your amalgam separator/trap as required.

Dental Chairs

When it comes to chairs and delivery units, we do it all - from repair to reupholstery and refurbishing.


If your air compressor is down, we provide same-day service. We have loaners available to get you back up while the repair is being made.


Fastest turnaround time in the industry. We fix high-speed, electric, and low-speed handpieces, as well as other small equipment.


Dental headlights are subject to damages, not to mention the usual wear and tear. We make sure your lights are as bright as the smiles.


We stock the most frequently used parts right on our vans. We offer refurbishing, repair, preventive maintenance, and calibration..

Vacuum Pumps

With our free loaner, we can keep your practice producing while we repair your pump. We are equipped with the tools and the most frequently needed parts to quickly get your pump in good working order.

X-Ray Systems

Services include repair, installation and calibration.

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